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Autumn is truly upon us, and the sunshine of summer has already faded to a distant memory. But far from being the time to bundle up indoors, autumn is one of the best times to get outside.

Our stores are hubs for our community of sea-going adventure seekers, so who better to ask to find out the best outdoor experiences and micro-adventures around? We sat down with our St. Agnes store’s second in command, Poppy, for her local autumn adventure advice – reaching from St Agnes to Sennen.


What does the coming of autumn mean to you and your community?

Everything slows down a bit. You meet up with people who you never see in summer, make plans with them and reconnect to the community. You want to make the most of the daylight too so cold, dark starts for surfs become more frequent.

Where is a good place to find peace and reconnect to nature in your area?

Tehidy woods are beautiful in autumn and winter, and a really good place to get away from it all and relax. Another great place is the cliffs and dunes above Godrevy. Just park up in the national trust car-park on the cliff-tops and take a stroll…

What is the best place for surfing nearest your store?

There are loads, but Godrevy is a personal favourite. The vibe is great there and there’s always someone to have a chat with in the water. It’s also a fantastic spot for lots different abilities, because you can go further down to Gwithian if it’s a bit too big for you.

Where is the best place to discover wildlife in your area?

There are plenty of places along our stretch of coast with great wildlife spotting, but if you venture a little further Zennor Moor is absolutely beautiful – There are wild ponies and birds of prey, multiple footpaths near the cliffs and a good pub at the end.

Where is the best place for storm-watching in West Cornwall?

Right down on the tip of Cornwall, the Old Success in Sennen is an amazing old-school surfers pub. It’s amazing to watch a storm from the little windows and see the waves come crashing in onto Sennen beach. Or you can go and watch the waves explode over the stone pier into the calm water of the harbour near the lifeboat station.

What is an undiscovered or little known adventure activity that can be done close by?

If you head straight down the cliffs from our HQ at Wheal Kitty there’s Koru Kayaking. They do kayak tours around the cliffs and old mine shafts around St Agnes, and it’s an amazingly different perspective seeing the land from the water. There are things you’d just never see from the coast path.