Shopping Basket


If you were rushing by to make a boarding call, you wouldn't give them a second glance...

... but if you looked twice, you might notice the old canvas rucksacks, the battered rigger boots and wellies, the pelican cases, the facial hair, the head torches hanging out of pockets and the boards.

A chart in the British Isles, 1800 miles roundtrip, over 30 hours driving, an 8 man Swedish tent was dusted off, the wood burner was pulled from the loft, rated to -10 sleeping bags were mandatory, phone calls were made and a small band of guys steadily formed in the early hours of a Monday morning.

We went to an island, more on this will unravel in the coming weeks, but for now - here's a peek at the kit we took.

Thank you Al Mack for your trusty relationship with the wind and Chris McLean, for your steady hand; we wouldn't have stepped out the door without you guys.