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Always Have, Always Will

Since 2003 Finisterre have always stood by three guiding commitments

- Product, Environment, People



Since founding in 2003, our design ethos has always been to build product for purpose that lasts, driven by a passion for innovation. This has seen the product brought to life in a range suitable for any adventure that includes recycled insulation jackets, pioneering waterproofs, our own blend of Merino, the ground breaking Bowmont project, chunky fisherman knits and a leading denim range.

When it comes to the life of a product and making it last, we’ve also been running an in house repair service for over ten years. We can breathe life into the weariest of comrades, patching up scrapes and tears, before returning them to you for the next trip. We also know that we can always get better at what we do, and it’s your feedback and comments that allow us to continue to raise the level of product.

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Informed decisions around our impact

As a business we are by no means perfect, nor do we have all the answers, but in the face of an ever changing landscape, we always seek and commit to the best and most sustainable way of making our product, innovating where necessary. This usually starts with gathering as much information as we can and making an informed decision thereafter. Whether it’s the mulesing-free merino we use in our base layers, the organic cotton we use in our t-shirts or the recycled polyester insulation we use in our jackets, it’s our approach and one we’ve been refining since 2003.

We take the time to get to know and manage our supply chain, from raw materials to final manufacturing and aftercare; we then make this information available. After that it’s up to you – but we’re always here to help.

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Relationships with people we believe in

The attention to detail behind all our products is what drives us forward, as well as the relationships we build along the way, whether it’s with our manufacturers, employees or customers.

We regularly get out of the workshop to meet and learn from the people who make Finisterre product. Most of the time it starts with a new idea, then once the project is underway we rely on their skill, support and energy to get things going. This open-minded approach to innovation and manufacturing has led us to work with leaders in respective fields. On the other side of the veil is you. Whether it’s engaging with you in our retail stores and events or your feedback to our customer service team, it all allows us to discover what you think of what we do. We love hearing from you, how your products have fared and the journeys they have taken - we’re all ears.

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